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Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems

The Centro-Matic Concept Centralized lubrication systems consist of a pump that supplies lubricant under pressure to a metering device that measures and dispenses the lubricant to the bearing. Usually the pump will be located in a convenient central location and supply lubricant to many metering devices. Lincoln’s Centro-Matic systems are single line parallel centralized lubrication systems. The system consists of a common pump that supplies lubricant under pressure to injector metering devices by means of a single supply line. The systems are classified as parallel because the injector-metering device operates independently of other injectors in the system. Should one injector become blocked or fail, the remaining system continues to operate. Lincoln Engineers developed the Centro-Matic systems in 1937 as a simplification and refinement of dual line centralized lubrication systems pioneered by Lincoln prior to 1937. Dual line systems use two supply lines between the injector and pumping station, requiring a more costly and complex plumbing arrangement. Centro-Matic injectors use the concept of positive displacement of the lubricant into the bearing. This means the hydraulic pressure developed by the system pump supplies the force necessary to dispense a repeatable, measured amount of lubricant into the bearing with each lube cycle. Centro-Matic systems never use a spring to force the lubricant into a bearing. Lincoln’s Centro-Matic systems may be operated automatically or manually depending on the complexity desired.