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Industrial Fluid Solutions Inc. is a factory authorized distributor / VAR for SKF-Lincoln Lubrication USA. We carry a complete line of lubrication products for accurate and reliable grease and oil delivery.

As with any effective lubrication system, the system will deliver small amounts of grease frequently to bearings. This prevents over or under lubrication which can cause damage tobearings and equipment. The Quicklub system when used in the correct application is devised to provide the right amount of lubrication, at the right time and at the right place.

The operation of a progressive system is straightforward. When lubrication event is initiated, acontroller turns on a pump that sends lubricant to the progressive valves which in turn meter thelubricant to the bearing. The output volume provided by the displacement of the metering pistondetermines the amount of lubrication to the bearing. The valves can be cycled once or multipletimes to deliver the appropriate amount of grease to the bearing. The on time selection and thepump output capacity determines the total amount of lubrication provided to the bearings.Below is a schematic of a typical series progressive automatic lubrication system.

Can be used on virtually any equipment requiring grease lubrication from 1 to many lube points, including Mobile Equipment. (12-24 VDC / 120/240 VAC)